Course Outcomes

This introductory-level course for Zoom meeting organizers and participants will:

  • Share tips for getting the most out of the Zoom platform as a meeting or presentation participant.
  • Offer advice for looking professional on camera.
  • Explain the mechanics of chat, reaction buttons, file sharing, navigating breakout rooms, and other essential skills.
  • Suggests select external tools to pair with Zoom.

Course Overview

Virtual meetings and presentations have a unique rhythm. This course covers the essential technical skills needed to fully participate in Zoom meetings and the basic facilitation skills that can help attendees stay focused, avoid talking over each other, and participate fully as the presenter or meeting’s host intends. This program is ideally suited for people who want to put their best foot forward in the virtual world when using the Zoom platform.


At this program’s conclusion, participants should be able to:

  • Create a profile.
  • Present a professional image online.
  • Select a camera, microphone, or call-in number.
  • Minimize background noise.
  • Use the mute function correctly.
  • Leverage Zoom’s video filters, backgrounds, and extras.
  • Use the reactions buttons.
  • Join a breakout room.
  • Move from room to room when breakout rooms are self-selecting.
  • Chat to everyone and chat to individual participants.
  • Share files and screens.
  • Take advantage of a few external tools that can enhance interactions.
  • Navigate back to Zoom if an external program is used.
  • Use basic shortcuts.

Program Modules

  • Headshots: Looking Good and Sounding Good Online
  • Quiet on the Set: Mastering Mute and Other Meeting Management Features
  • Applause, Smiles, Shock, and Celebrations: Using Reactions Tools the Right Way
  • Improv: Chat, Joining Breakouts, Navigating Rooms, and Following Links
  • Usher Me In: Finding Your Way Back to Zoom and Leaving When It’s Time

By this program’s conclusion, participants should be able to join and participate in a Zoom meeting effectively and confidently. They should also be able to host and facilitate a small meeting.