Course Outcomes

This web-based communication skills course for people working in visitor services will:

  • Help participants create personas for their guest groups and consider what’s important to each.
  • Discuss the importance of inclusiveness and a sense of welcome for all visitors.
  • Suggest a methodology for viewing guests with empathy and anticipating their needs.
  • Offer specific language for maintaining professional relationships with guests, volunteers, and fellow staff members.
  • Provide ideas for troubleshooting a range of common guest-services problems.

Course Overview

Staff members have tremendous power when it comes to influencing the guest experience at a museum, garden, corporate visitors center, factory tour, zoo, or other attraction that welcomes the public. This instructor-led online course focuses specifically on the actions people at all levels can take to improve the guest experience and enhance their communication skills and ability to interact with guests, volunteers, and fellow staff members.

Program Objectives

At this program’s conclusion, participants should be able to:

  • Discuss different visitor groups and what each expects.
  • Use their words, tone, and body language to welcome all guests.
  • Anticipate and respond to a range of visitor needs.
  • Use positive language to communicate expectations, suggest visitor paths, and answer questions.
  • Identify and exhibit on-stage behaviors.  
  • Describe words and activities best suited for the backstage (or no stage).
  • Implement strategies to enhance teamwork with fellow staff members and volunteers.
  • Troubleshoot common problems and challenging situations.

Program Modules

  • Who Are the Visitors and Why Are They Here?: What Your Guests Expect
  • We’re Glad You’re Came!: Making All Visitors Feel Welcome
  • Same Destination, Different Journeys: Planning for Various Personas
  • Please Touch (or Don’t): Positively Communicating Expectations
  • On-Brand Staff Interactions: A Well-Oiled Machine On Stage and Behind the Scenes
  • Troubleshooting: When Visits Go Wrong

By the conclusion of the end of this web-based training course, participants should have an understanding of the steps they can take to welcome guests to their institutions and provide a first-rate experience.