Course Outcomes

This web-based virtual product demonstration course will:

  • Outline the elements strong online product demonstrations share.
  • Explain what makes a good product demonstration story.
  • Discuss the importance of solving problems versus talking about features.
  • Outline a variety of technologies demonstrators can use to create a library of short demonstration videos.

Course Overview

A strong product demonstration can be the secret ingredient when it comes to sales. Whether presenting to business customers or directly to consumers, there are specific actions product demonstrators can take to engage, inspire, and excite. This online workshop shares best practices for conducting demonstrations online. Whether they’re present software, technology products, consumer goods, or something else, this program will help participants improve their storytelling abilities, problem-solving capabilities, and customer-engagement skills.   

Program Objectives

At this program’s conclusion, participants should be able to:

  • Identify the characteristics of successful and unsuccessful online demos.
  • Discuss authenticity and communication targets.
  • Stress benefits over features.
  • Find their knock-your-socks-off moments.
  • Review on-camera best practices.
  • Explore rapport-building ideas and questions to pinpoint problems.
  • Identify sample shares and possible stories.
  • Think through the online demo process.
  • Explore tools for recording demos.
  • Evaluate demonstrations and make incremental improvements.

Program Modules

  • Good, Bad Ugly: Identifying What You Already Know
  • Online Basics: Getting Comfortable and Connecting
  • Your Online Persona: Deciding What to Share and Finding Stories
  • Storyboarding a Demo: Planning a Production
  • DIY Technology to Make Quick Videos: Creating on the Fly
  • Critics Corner: Making Incremental Improvements

By the end of this web-based training course, participants should feel confident they can give effective product demonstrations online.