Course Highlights

This web-based cross-cultural communication course will:

  • Outline the ways cultures differ.
  • Provide three frameworks (ADAPT, CONNECT, and RESPECT) for improving cross-cultural communication.
  • Suggest language for acknowledging differences and similarities.
  • Offer a model for navigating cross-cultural communication errors.

Course Overview

This two-hour workshop isn’t about theories—it’s about applying practical solutions to the cross-cultural conundrums professionals face every day in a globalized marketplace. During this interactive program, participants will engage with real-world case studies that bring to life the complexities of communicating across cultural boundaries. The course introduces three frameworks—ADAPT, CONNECT, and RESPECT—that serve as guideposts for navigating communication challenges. The program also provides a model called CARE for addressing cross-cultural breakdowns.

Program Objectives

At this program’s conclusion, participants should be able to:

  • Explore how three words can have different meanings depending on how, when, and by whom they are said.
  • Discuss fundamental ways cultures differ.
  • Identify options for navigating cross-cultural differences.
  • Describe three frameworks for adapting, connecting, and showing respect toward others.
  • Review words and phrases to bridge communication similarities and divides.
  • Follow best practices for admitting cross-cultural errors.
  • Address cross-cultural breakdowns using the CARE model.

Program Modules

  • Bless Your Heart: Let’s Sharpen Our Spidey Senses
  • You Do This and I Do That: How Cultures Differ
  • Let’s Evaluate: A Few Case Studies
  • Model This: Frameworks for Better Understanding
  • Words Don’t Come Easily: Saying Sorry
  • Oh, No! You Didn’t: Confronting Inappropriate Behavior

By the conclusion of this interactive web-based training course, participants should have tools they can use to improve communication with colleagues around the globe.