Course Outcomes

This web-based presentation skills course for those who meet with clients virtually will:

  • Share best practices for looking good and sounding good online.
  • Offer ideas for creating a dialogue right from the start.
  • Explain how to smoothly transition from one speaker to another.
  • Outline ideas for keeping people engaged throughout a discussion.

Course Overview

“Does anyone have any questions?” Crickets. “Okay, I’ll keep going. On this next slide….” No matter the circumstances, client presentations can be tough. And when they go online, the presenter must deal with another level of complexity. Are people paying attention? Am I going too fast or too slow? Am I hitting the right breadth and depth? I have no earthly clue. What a mess!

This two-hour workshop will help anyone who presents to clients in a virtual format. The program covers best practices for engaging a client’s hands and eyes, how to create a dialogue, ways to measure interest, and general virtual presentation etiquette.

Program Objectives

At this program’s conclusion, participants should be able to:

  • Set the desired tone early.
  • Frame the purpose of a meeting or presentation.
  • Narrate expectations.
  • Take temperature checks.
  • Follow best practices for looking good on camera.
  • Make virtual eye contact.
  • Use body language to amplify messages.
  • Smoothly transition from one presenter to the next.
  • Use the chat function effectively.
  • Follow virtual meeting etiquette best practices.

Program Modules

  • Nimble Know-How: Prepare for Any Platform
  • Clear Vision: Knowing What You Want and Setting the Stage
  • From the Director’s Chair: Anchoring and Focusing Skills
  • Show Mechanics: Getting Sharing and Sets Right
  • Check-In Strategies: Reading the Room
  • Advancing the Story: Driving Narratives

By the conclusion of the end of this web-based training course, participants should an arsenal of tools at their disposal to keep clients engaged during online presentations.