Course Outcomes

This comprehensive web-based virtual time management course will:

  • Outline the importance of planning and setting goals.
  • Provide tools for managing tasks and organizing workflow.
  • Offer tactics for taking control of time stealers that disrupt productivity and focus.
  • Help participants navigate challenges specific to working remotely.
  • Suggest strategies for avoiding burnout.

 Course Overview

Overwhelmed by all the demands on your time? Struggling to stay focused during a series of competing priorities and interruptions? This virtual time management course looks at productivity fundamentals and how participants can make the most of their time by organizing workflow and taking better control of things that disrupt their focus. During this two-part training workshop, we will look at practical tools for setting goals, prioritizing what matters most, scheduling effectively, managing email and meetings, handling interruptions, avoiding procrastination, staying focused, and preventing burnout.

Segment One Objectives

At this segment’s conclusion, participants should be able to:

  • Recognize and deal with time wasters.
  • Set and accomplish goals.
  • Explain the importance of planning.
  • Manage tasks and organize workflow.
  • Prioritize what matters most.
  • Schedule effectively.

Segment One Modules

  • Who Knows Where the Time Goes?: Fundamental Questions
  • Goal Setting: From Targets to Actions
  • Identifying Tasks: The Value of Lists and How to Keep Them
  • Prioritizing: What Comes First?
  • Scheduling: Marrying Time and Activities

Segment Two Objectives

At this segment’s conclusion, participants should be able to:

  • Handle interruptions.
  • Say “no” diplomatically.
  • Avoid the pitfalls of procrastination.
  • Leverage tools for managing emails and meetings.
  • Navigate challenges specific to working remotely.
  • Practice stress management techniques.

Segment Two Modules

  • Warning, Incoming!: Handling Interruptions and Staying Focused
  • Put Off Putting It Off: Preventing Procrastination
  • Emails and Meetings: Efficient Communication
  • Remote Work Strategies: Distance Discipline
  • Stress Management: Avoiding Burnout

By this program’s conclusion, participants should have a strong understanding of the actions they can take to better manage their time and productivity choices.