Course Highlights

This presentation skills course for teams will:

  • Introduce best practices for preparing and practicing a team presentation.
  • Suggest a methodology for ascertaining what’s important to an audience and finding core messages.
  • Provide participants with presentation structure templates.
  • Offer ideas for seamlessly transitioning from one presenter to another.

Course Overview

The ability to deliver compelling group presentations is an important skill for leadership program cohorts and other teams tasked with presenting collectively. This two-hour short course gives these groups strategies and skills to craft and execute impactful presentations. From understanding the audience’s expectations to choreographing seamless team dynamics, participants will learn shortcuts and tips for creating presentations that resonate and persuade.

The course covers essential aspects of presentation preparation and delivery: outlining a presentation preparation and practice timeline, delegating tasks effectively, and finding a core message that captures the audience’s interest. Additionally, participants will discover how to structure their information logically, design engaging slides, and conclude their presentations with strength.

The final segment addresses delivery mechanics and ideas for ensuring that each team member is well-prepared to contribute to a smooth and coordinated performance.

Program Objectives

At this program’s conclusion, participants should be able to:

  • Outline the timeline and milestones for the team’s presentation.
  • Determine who is doing what.
  • Identify what’s important to the audience.
  • Develop a core message.
  • Organize information logically.
  • Create a strong introduction and conclusion.
  • Choreograph the team.
  • Anticipate and prepare for questions.

Program Modules

  • The People in the Room: Planning for Your Audience
  • Presentation Planning: Choosing a Framework
  • Fatten the Skeleton: Putting Flesh on the Frame
  • Looking Good: Designing Strong Slides
  • A Smooth Performance: Delivering Well
  • Dress Rehearsals: Practicing Your Pitch

At the end of this program, participants should be able to follow best practices for presenting information as a team.