This web-based course for managers will:

  • Explain the manager’s role in preventing and addressing workplace harassment.
  • Define what harassment is and isn’t.
  • Explain behaviors that constitute harassment.
  • Suggest steps for addressing harassment.
  • Review conditions that encourage or discourage harassment.

Course Overview

This distance-learning course targets managers. It explores what they need to know about preventing and addressing workplace harassment. The course explores the law, identifies behaviors that constitute harassment, suggests steps for responding to complaints, and outlines conditions that discourage workplace harassment. This program can stand on its own or work in combination with Now You Know: Understanding Sexual Harassment in the Workplace, our course for individual contributors.

Program Objectives

At this program’s conclusion, participants should be able to:

  • Explain their role in preventing sexual harassment.
  • Discuss the laws related to harassment.
  • Recognize behaviors that constitute harassment.
  • Address risks that expose their organization to potential harassment.
  • Respond appropriately to formal and informal complaints.

Program Modules

  • A Manager’s Role: Understanding Your Responsibilities
  • The Law: Understanding What’s Illegal
  • Environmental Influence: Stacking the Deck to Prevent Harassment
  • So You Know: Addressing Harassment
  • Your Obligations: Responding to Formal Complaints

By the conclusion of this sexual harassment prevention course for managers, participants should understand the behaviors that constitute harassment, their obligations as leaders, conditions that are likely to expose their organizations to harassment complaints, and actions they should take to address informal and formal complaints.