Course Highlights

This follow-up skills course for salespeople will:

  • Provide a self-assessment for participants to evaluate their follow-up skills.
  • Suggest ideas for developing drive, focus, a methodical approach, persistence, resilience, and self-awareness.
  • Offer guidance for segmenting customer groups.
  • Outline everyday activities that make a difference.
  • Recommend best practices for communicating via various channels.

Course Overview

In sales, the path to victory is often littered with missed opportunities and unexplored potential, primarily due to neglected follow ups. This course tackles the reasons behind this common oversight head on, unraveling the psychological and practical barriers that hinder effective follow up. We will examine the ‘why’ and the ‘how’ of overcoming those challenges during the program.

As the course unfolds, participants will learn how to apply ‘follow-up superpowers’ that can dramatically enhance sales outcomes. These practical, easy-to-implement strategies resonate with any sales style and personality.

The workshop helps participants choose the most impactful follow-up channels and craft routines, ensuring follow up becomes an integral part of daily sales activities.

Participants will leave the course with knowledge and a transformed perspective on follow up, ready to harness its full potential for sales success.

Program Objectives

At the conclusion of this program, participants should be able to:

  • Identify the monetary and nonmonetary value of following up with prospects and existing customers.
  • Describe why people don’t follow up and strategies for overcoming those roadblocks.
  • Discuss the six components of a follow-up mindset.
  • Pinpoint everyday follow-up superpowers anyone can use for better sales.
  • Choose the appropriate follow-up channel.
  • Identify routines that will make the difference.

Program Modules

  • Dollars and Sense: The Monetary Value of Following Up
  • It Should Be a No-Brainer: (So Why Don’t We Do It)
  • The Follow-Up Mindset: The Super Six
  • Everyday Superpowers: Showing Up and Other Ideas
  • Follow-Up Tools: Choosing Channels
  • Consistency Counts: Rituals and Routines

By the end of this instructor-led training course, participants will understand the importance of follow up and have tools in their arsenal to execute it more effectively.