Course Highlights

This communication skills course for service providers who have routine interactions will:

  • Outline the challenges a routine service environment presents and offer solutions to mitigate those obstacles.
  • Explain the importance of framing statements and offer opportunities to practice creating them.
  • Offer strategies for building rapport.
  • Help providers differentiate and address emotional and functional needs.
  • Suggest tactics for maintaining professionalism during interactions.

Course Overview

“I do the same thing all day every day. I know that job so well, I could practically do it in my sleep!” Service providers who handle dozens of similar transactions each day often have a deep understanding of their job. The challenges they face are usually not related to the content itself. Instead, it can be challenging to maintain a fresh, friendly, and focused approach when dealing with numerous one-time interactions or regular interactions with the same customer base. This interactive course addresses the challenge of staying fresh, provides ideas for maintaining friendly and professional relationships, and offers suggestions for staying focused and avoiding shortcuts that may arise from the monotony of the work.

Program Objectives

At this program’s conclusion, participants should be able to:

  • Adopt the right mindset at the beginning of each day and recognize that every customer has a unique story.
  • Establish a routine for resetting between customer interactions.
  • Utilize framing statements to initiate interactions on a positive note.
  • Build rapport quickly.
  • Differentiate between emotional and functional needs.
  • Adapt to different communication styles.
  • Maintain professionalism when customers become too comfortable.

Program Modules

  • The Right Mindset: Everyone Has a Story
  • Set and Reset: Starting Fresh Again
  • Rapid Rapport: Establishing Quick Connections
  • Here for You: Addressing Different People’s Needs
  • Comfortable but Professional: Pointers for Maintaining a Professional Approach

By the end of this session, participants should have a wide range of tools at their disposal to keep their routine service interactions fresh, friendly, and focused.