Course Highlights

This dress for success course will:

  • Define various dress codes: business, business casual, casual, etc.
  • Explain how to make choices based on one’s industry, job function, and work environment.
  • Help participants identify image targets.
  • Provide basic grooming tips.
  • Suggest ways to align attitude and actions with appearance.

Course Overview

This instructor-led training program is a two-hour online course that addresses appropriate workplace appearance. This workshop begins with a short discussion about the evolution of workplace dress, providing insights into how historical trends and cultural shifts have shaped today’s dress codes. Through this discussion, participants will gain a nuanced understanding of what constitutes appropriate attire in various professional settings, from traditional corporate environments to more modern, casual workplaces.

Next, we will discuss matching choices to one’s work environment and job function. Following that conversation, participants will learn how to identify their desired professional image and select clothing and accessories that reinforce it. 

Beyond clothing, the program also emphasizes the importance of grooming and overall presentation. Additionally, the course explains that appearance is just one facet of a professional persona and that attitude and behavior should complement physical appearance to create a cohesive look.

Program Objectives

At this program’s conclusion, participants should be able to:

  • Explain the evolution of workplace dress.
  • Decipher various dress codes.
  • Match clothing to various workplace environments.
  • Identify image targets.
  • Choose clothing and accessories that match the image targets.
  • Outline good grooming practices.
  • Explain how attitude and actions should complement appearance.

Program Modules

  • Codes, Symbols, and Signs: Does This Stuff Still Matter?
  • The Right Combination: Matching Your Choices to Your Industry and Work Environment
  • Image Management: What’s Your Target?
  • Avoiding Sabotage: Great Grooming and What’s Important Anywhere
  • Special Missions: Interviews, Remote Work, and More
  • Total Congruence: Matching Attitude and Actions with Appearance

By the conclusion of this professional appearance training program, participants should have a clear idea about how to present themselves at work.