Course Highlights

This sales negotiation course will:

  • Share the pitfalls of focusing solely on price.
  • Offer alternatives to discounting.
  • Provide participants with a negotiation framework (REACH) for responding to discount requests.
  • Suggest responses to ten discounting tactics.

Course Overview

“Everybody negotiates, and we expect you to. What’s the best discount you can offer?” “Given the current market, we’re looking for suppliers who understand the importance of competitive pricing. What discounts can you offer to secure our business?” “We’re committing to a long-term contract and expect pricing that reflects our investment and loyalty.” Sales negotiations can be challenging, and too often, salespeople and others who negotiate concede too early on price. They offer discounts unnecessarily, reducing profits, diminishing value, and potentially damaging their brands. This two-hour program focuses on alternatives to discounting and strategies for communicating value to customers.

Program Objectives

At the conclusion of this program, participants should be able to:

  • Outline the perils of race-to-the-bottom pricing.
  • Recognize their target customer segments and value drivers.
  • Identify alternatives to price discounting.
  • Determine where, when, and if there is price flexibility.
  • Apply the REACH framework.
  • Respond to ten common requests for discounts without lowering the price.

Program Modules

  • A Slippery Slope: The Dangers of the Quick Discount
  • You Are Here: Understanding Your Landscape
  • Instead of a Discount: Exploring Other Avenues
  • REACH: Addressing Concerns Methodically
  • Ten Asks: Ten Answers

By the end of this two-hour course, participants should have a strong understanding of the alternatives to price discounting and the tools to effectively push back and redirect when asked to negotiate.