Course Outcomes

This web-based productivity course will:

  • Explain the math behind habits and how they positively or negatively compound.
  • Provide participants with a habit inventory.
  • Offer a method for choosing brain-friendly habits.
  • Outline the habits most successful people embrace.
  • Suggest ideas for driving continuous improvement.

Course Overview

Did you brush your teeth this morning? Did you think about it? Doubtful. More than likely, you brushed your teeth this morning because you do it every morning. In other words, cleaning those pearly whites is just a habit. People who understand habits know that if they choose the right habits, they set themselves up for success. Conversely, they understand that if they choose the wrong ones, the odds are against them. With a little training, anyone can learn how to choose habits that align with his or her natural gifts. This online instructor-led workshop explains how habits work and offers ideas for choosing new habits and putting them in place.  

Program Objectives

At this program’s conclusion, participants should be able to:

  • Explain how habits shape identity and identity shapes habits.
  • Describe how the environment in which people live and work influences habits.
  • Take a habit inventory.
  • Discuss the habits most successful embrace.
  • Choose brain-friendly habits.
  • Reduce the use of bad, poor, or unproductive habits.

Program Modules

  • The Habit-Identity Connection: Shaping Who and How You Want to Be
  • Where You Are and Where You’re Going: An Inventory and Vision
  • Without Reinventing the Wheel: Habits Successful People Share
  • Cut It Out: Shaping and Refining Habits

By the conclusion of this habit training course, participants should understand how habits work, how to choose brain-friendly habits, and how to shape and refine the habits they embrace.