Course Outcomes

This virtual meeting management course will:

  • Share best practices for running and participating in virtual meetings.
  • Suggest ideas for staying focused and engaging participants.
  • Offer several language frameworks for addressing conflict and moving discussions forward.
  • Give concrete advice for looking credible on camera.

Course Overview

Regular meetings are tough enough. When they go virtual, attendees face an added level of complexity and the process certainly doesn’t get any easier! For that reason, an understanding of best practices for meeting online is an essential skill for anyone who attends online meetings to master. This virtual meeting management course consists of five modules that address everything from understanding what you’re up against and planning accordingly to best practices for keeping people engaged and moving discussions forward. The program is appropriate for those who regularly run meetings and people who attend but do not have a leadership role.

Program Objectives

At this program’s conclusion, participants should be able to:

  • Discuss the elements successful meetings share.
  • Recognize and plan for the distractions that often plague virtual meetings.
  • Identify a meeting’s purpose and the appropriate number of attendees.
  • Follow best practices for creating agendas and managing time.
  • Determine whether a synchronous or asynchronous meeting solution is appropriate.
  • Avoid credibility-killing activities.
  • Implement strategies to stay engaged.
  • Apply language frameworks to get others to participate, make decisions, and move through the agenda.
  • Practice engagement and interaction strategies.
  • Suggest ideas for troubleshooting common problems.

Program Modules

  • The Landscape: Truths About Virtual Meetings
  • Basic Prep: Setting the Stage
  • Word Matters: Language
  • A Cast of Characters: Preparing for the Usual Suspects
  • Engagement Tools: Top Tech
  • Troubleshooting: Common Problems Solved

By the conclusion of this interactive course, participants should be able to apply a range of tools to host and participate in better virtual meetings.