Course Outcomes

This self-awareness and workplace inclusion course will:

  • Offer an explanation about how the brain’s hardwiring influences how we view in-group and out-of-group relationships.
  • Suggest tactics for overcoming biology and resistance to social changes that challenge what’s familiar.
  • Outline the effects of microaggressions and unintended acts of harm.
  • Recommend steps for increasing perspectives and effectiveness by growing circles of association and welcoming a broad range of viewpoints and people.

Course Overview

This course explains how the brain’s hardwiring creates patterned thinking and affects people’s perceptions of others. During the workshop, learners will discover how they can take control of their biology and rewire their thinking. The program addresses perceptions and how we view the world through a lens that’s formed and shaped by our experiences and values. The course also discusses tactics for adopting a growth versus fixed mindset and strategies for handling changes that create a sense of loss and uncertainty. By the conclusion of this virtual workshop, participants should be able to take steps to broaden their relationship circles, appreciate diverse viewpoints, and work more effectively with a broader range of people.

Program Objectives

  • Describe perception and how it shapes our view of reality.
  • Explain three parts of the brain and how they influence how people think, feel, and behave.
  • Identify language and beliefs associated with a growth versus fixed mindset.
  • Discuss how change or a sense of loss can influence how we view what is fair.
  • Take steps to broaden their relationship circles to tear down workplace silos and cliques.
  • Reduce blind spots and groupthink by building more inclusive teams.

Program Modules

  • Here and Now: Realizing You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know
  • Commanding the Cabbage: Understanding the Brain and Practicing Deliberate Rewiring
  • Making Shift Happen: Moving from a Fixed to a Growth Mindset
  • Managing Microaggressions: Blunting Little Needles
  • No Fair!: Coping with Change
  • Bigger Circles: Growing Your Sphere

By the end of this interactive online course, participants should be able to immediately take action to better self-regulate, appreciate a wider range of perspectives, and improve their workplace relationships.