Course Highlights

This decision-making skills course will:

  • Suggest repeatable processes for making decisions.
  • Describe different levels of decision-making and provide guidance on when to use each.
  • Provide participants with a list of questions to ask when considering options.
  • Offer methodologies for making choices.
  • Share best practices for generating buy-in and selling choices.

Course Overview

People who make sound decisions at work experience numerous benefits for themselves and their organizations. They save time and money, mitigate risks, improve efficiencies, and enhance credibility with their colleagues.

This course covers the fundamental aspects of decision-making and equips employees with essential tools to effectively make choices in the workplace. The program consists of two two-hour segments.

Note: Upon request, we can incorporate real-world examples from your organization during the course.

Segment One Objectives

At the conclusion of this segment, participants should be able to:

  • Consider a classic decision-making problem.
  • Identify decision types.
  • Explain various factors decision-makers should consider before making choices.
  • Describe ways people make choices.
  • Discuss levels of decision-making.
  • Determine whether a decision should be pushed up or down.

Segment One Modules

  • A Classic Dilemma: What Do You Need to Decide?
  • Some of These Are Not Like Others: Decision Types
  • Path Finding: Four Ways People Make Decisions
  • Find Me a Framework: Decision Models
  • The Ladder: Decision Levels
  • Push It: Up and Down

Segment Two Objectives

At the conclusion of this segment, participants should be able to:

  • Ask important questions before making a decision.
  • Apply decision-making frameworks.
  • Explain values-based decisions.
  • Discuss best practices for making emotional and time-bound decisions.
  • Describe the common reasons decisions go wrong.
  • Outline best practices for gaining buy-in.

Segment Two Modules

  • Full Information: Knowing What You Know
  • True North: Finding Pillars for Tough Decisions
  • Embedding Good Choices: Values-Based Decision-Making
  • Give Me a Beat: Managing the Heart and the Clock
  • Risky Business: When Choices Go Bad
  • Come Along: Getting Buy-In

By the end of this virtual training course, participants should have a fundamental understanding of the decision-making process and be equipped with practical tools for making effective choices in the workplace.