Course Note

This instructor-led change management skills course builds on Six Core Principles: What Every Manager Should Know and introduces the process and value of delegation. It is typically the sixth segment of a six-session program called The Right Combination: Mix-and-Match Management Training Program.

Course Objectives

At this session’s conclusion, participants should be able to:

  • Explain factors that often lead to change.
  • Identify reactions to change.
  • Discuss the role of emotion in the change process.
  • Review the Explorer Model and how to manage different kinds of people during change.
  • Examine the components of various change models.
  • Review best practices for managing change.

Program Modules

  • Expected Responses: Common Reactions to Change
  • Navigating Rough Seas: The Explorer Model
  • The Meat: Why Managed Change, Methodologies, and Universal Best Practices
  • Application Time: Case Studies and Next Steps
  • The Core and Change Management: How They Tie Together

By the conclusion of this two-hour session, participants should be able to apply best practices to the change management process. They should also be able to explain how managing change is connected to the core principles discussed in session one.