Course Outcomes

This presentation skills short course will:

  • Highlight best practices for designing a presentation.
  • Suggest tools for organizing ideas.
  • Offer a methodology for converting headings to headlines.
  • Share tips for reducing nervousness and speaking with passion.

Course Overview

This online, instructor-led presentation skills training course provides people with concrete tools for streamlining information and delivering content with purpose and passion. The two-hour program is ideally suited for groups without a lot of time, organizations seeking an information-packed session for a conference, and teams that could benefit from a solid survey course. It pulls key information from our longer courses that address presentation design and delivery independently.

Program Objectives

At this program’s conclusion, participants should be able to:

  • Tailor a presentation’s content and format to meet an audience’s needs.
  • Articulate a presentation’s purpose and main point.
  • Use an answer-first framework.
  • Create a story map.
  • Convert headings to headlines.
  • Follow a one-story-per-slide guideline.
  • Avoid common mistakes when creating slides.
  • Leverage primacy and recency.
  • Increase understanding when presenting data slides.
  • Use body language and vocal inflection to enhance messages and reduce nervousness.

Program Modules

  • Look Who’s Listening: The Audience
  • Discuss What Matters: Audience-Centric Content
  • Design Better Decks: Visual Support
  • Deliver with Confidence: Practice, Passion, and Performance

By the conclusion of the end of this web-based training course, participants should be able to organize their thoughts, identify their presentation goals, and focus on what matters to an audience.