Course Highlights

This goal-setting course will:

  • Suggest exercises to envision various possible futures.
  • Provide participants with several goal-setting models.
  • Offer a methodology for identifying roadblocks.
  • Recommend digital and non-digital tools to track progress.

Course Overview

“There was so much I could have done, but I never got around to doing it. I never thought I would run out of time.” “Our team is working in six directions and sometimes in circles – frustrating!” “I can’t believe I’ve spent the last two years working on this. It wasn’t important.”  Without meaningful, aligned, and visible goals, people rarely reach their individual or group potential.

This interactive workshop is designed for people who could benefit from formal training on setting goals and holding themselves and others accountable for achieving those ambitions. The program helps participants choose targets that align with their values, articulate goals so they are meaningful and measurable, and put systems in place to ensure goals stay visible. This course works well for those who wish to focus on individual, team, or organizational goals.

Program Objectives

At this program’s conclusion, participants should be able to:

  • Explain the connection between values and goals.
  • Imagine possible futures for themselves, their teams, or their organization.
  • Select an appropriate model to document goals.
  • Identify processes to keep goals visible.
  • Decide how they will hold themselves accountable.
  • Recognize potential roadblocks that could prevent them from reaching their goals.
  • Develop a plan for handling obstacles and detours.

Program Modules

  • What’s Important: Starting with Values
  • Wide Open Spaces: Finding Possibilities
  • Finding a Framework: Selecting a Goal-Setting Model
  • Recognizing Roadblocks: Removing Obstacles
  • Front a Center: Keeping Goals Visible

By the conclusion of this online instructor-led workshop, participants should be able to choose and articulate meaningful goals, break them into manageable pieces, identify roadblocks and ways to overcome them, and use several digital and non-digital tools to track their progress.