Course Outcomes

This teleworking management course will:

  • Discuss the benefits and challenges associated with managing remote teams.
  • Share best practices for creating a unique and comprehensive telework plan.
  • Introduce a competency-based approach that creates autonomy and accountability.
  • Build participants’ confidence to manage a routine and lead through crises.

Course Overview

This webinar is designed to help managers set themselves up to successfully lead and navigate the teleworking landscape.

Does telework matter? You bet. Teleworking is an increasingly integral part of the modern workplace. And studies show that when it’s not mandatory, people often prefer the option of teleworking to a pay raise. 

This program prepares those in supervisory positions to manage telecommuters, teleworkers, and others who do not regularly work in a centralized location.

Strategies covered in this session include self-readiness, competency-based management approaches, managing fear, trust-building approaches for getting support, supporting personal work styles, contingency planning, and more.

Program Objectives

At this program’s conclusion, participants should be able to:

  • Identify the trends, risks, and benefits of teleworking in the modern workplace.
  • Elevate employee engagement and retention with a strategic telework plan for success.
  • Create a cohesive telework strategy that supports individual work styles and builds trust.
  • Increase employee performance without micromanaging.
  • Self-assess personal buy-in and readiness to manage a teleworking team.
  • Outline the competencies required for an effective teleworker.
  • Ensure fit and set teleworkers up for change and lasting success.
  • Build a cohesive and collaborative teleworking team culture.
  • Set teleworking home base standards for consistent and predictable performance.
  • Determine a communication plan that provides stakeholder support using RACI.
  • Establish and communicate a system of accountability and recognition.
  • Manage a telework team during a crisis.

Program Modules

  • Trends, Risks, and Benefits
  • Competencies and Habits
  • A Collaborative Team Environment
  • Setup a Remote Space for Success
  • Focused Communication
  • System of Accountability

Upon the conclusion of this comprehensive and interactive web-based management course, participants should have clear options and inspired confidence to plan and lead a sustained, strategic telework approach that will elevate engagement and improve performance.