Course Note

This instructor-led delegation skills course builds on Six Core Principles: What Every Manager Should Know and introduces the process and value of delegation. It is typically the third segment of a six-session program called The Right Combination: Mix-and-Match Management Training Program.

Course Objectives

At this session’s conclusion, participants should be able to:

  • Define delegation and delegation levels.
  • Explain how their values are directly tied to what they delegate.
  • Describe good reasons not to delegate.
  • Discuss barriers to delegation.
  • Avoid delegation mistakes.
  • Determine their delegation quotient (DQ).
  • Demonstrate delegation.
  • Avoid reverse delegation.
  • Use delegation to engage and develop people.

Program Modules

  • Why Delegate: The Payoffs
  • DQ and Values: Attitudes Toward Delegation
  • Task Identification: What to Delegate and at What Level
  • The Facts: Information to Communicate During Delegation
  • The Framework: Conversation Planning
  • Troubleshooting: Pitfall Avoidance
  • The Core and Delegation: How They Tie Together

By the conclusion of this session, participants should understand what to delegate, how to delegate, and how the core principles discussed in session one relate to delegation.