Course Outcomes

This interviewing skills course for organizations who wish to hire emotionally intelligent candidates will:

  • Outline the advantages of hiring emotionally intelligent candidates.
  • Suggest a process for identifying the skills and behavioral traits required for job success.
  • Provide learners with a model for running a behavior interview.
  • Offer a methodology for crafting relevant and legal questions.
  • Share techniques for running a strong virtual interview.

Course Overview

Emotionally intelligent employees possess not only the aptitude to exhibit such competencies as self-awareness and self-regulation; they turn those abilities into actions. This course helps interviewers separate those who can’t perform, those who could perform, and those who will perform on the job. The program explores targeted behavior-based interviewing and actions interviewers can take to increase the odds that they will get to know the real candidate behind a resume. During the session, participants will learn how to structure an interview, how to choose meaningful questions that don’t lend themselves to canned answers, and how to build a consistent and repeatable process that will help them identify and hire people with a proven track record of emotional intelligence.

Course Objectives

At this program’s conclusion, participants should be able to:

  • Explain why hiring for emotional intelligence is important.
  • Discuss actions some candidates take to present an ideal picture instead of the real picture.
  • Apply techniques for getting to the truth about a candidate’s values, attitudes, beliefs, and past performance.
  • Pinpoint what competencies, skills, and behaviors are essential for job success.
  • Explain various question types and what they can accomplish.
  • Craft appropriate questions that differ from those commonly found online.
  • Conduct a behavioral interview.
  • Follow a process for getting a consistent result when conducting a team interview, interviewing multiple candidates, and checking references, and other sources of information.
  • Level the playing field for candidates interviewing virtually versus in person.

Program Modules

  • The Good-Hire Advantage: Why Hiring for Emotional Intelligence Matters
  • Identifying What’s Important: Isolating the Skills Essentials for Success
  • The Heart of a Candidate: Behavior Interviewing Fundamentals
  • Not All Questions Are Created Equal: Understanding Various Inquiries
  • Tight Mechanics: A Coordinated, Well-Run, and Repeatable Process

By the end of this session, participants should be able to identify candidates who possess higher levels of emotional intelligence.