Course Highlights

This mindfulness and resilience skills course will:

  • Suggest concrete ideas for staying positive and resilient at work.
  • Share best practices for managing uncharted norms.
  • Offer tactics for finding predictability in unfamiliar circumstances.

Course Overview

Sometimes, teams, companies, or even entire countries experience large-scale changes in rapid succession. When so much is in flux, getting discouraged, distracted, or disengaged at work is easy. This two-hour virtual training course is designed to give participants tools to bolster their resilience, ensuring they remain strong, flexible, and forward-looking, no matter the circumstances.  This program is a good choice for teams embarking on change initiatives, organizations experiencing downsizing, and groups going through a merger, acquisition, or significant structural change. 

Program Objectives

At this program’s conclusion, participants should be able to:

  • Define resilience.
  • Assess their current resilience patterns.
  • Practice ten actions to increase resilience.
  • Discuss strategies for staying resilient during times of change.
  • Apply strategies for overcoming failure.
  • Develop self-talk in response to a range of events.
  • Identify attitudes they can adopt to remain positive.

Program Modules

  • The Fundamentals: Defining and Understanding Resilience
  • Muscle Building: Developing Resilience
  • Stress Test: Staying Resilient Through and During Change
  • Surviving Fails: Resilience After Disappointment
  • A Mixed Tape: Coping and Self-Talk
  • Watch and Learn: Secrets of Positive People

By the conclusion of this interactive web-based training course, participants should understand the value of self-awareness and self-care during times of unexpected change, and they should be able to implement a range of strategies to stay healthy and productive.