Course Highlights

This course for inbound salespeople will:

  • Define a problem-solving mindset and its importance in sales.
  • Outline ways to identify different customer types for better needs analysis and communication.
  • Share best practices for telephone communication.
  • Offer strategies for maintaining and growing client relationships.

Course Overview

This two-hour online training course is intended for salespeople who handle incoming inquiries from prospects and customers. It starts with an exploration of a problem-solving mindset over a standard sales-focused approach. Following that, we will look at a method for profiling various client types and setting the groundwork for more successful and targeted communication.

Participants will learn about best practices for conducting telephone conversations, with an emphasis on asking the correct questions to create trust and obtain a better understanding of the other person’s thinking. The second half of the course focuses on maintaining customer relationships, including rules for respectful and persuasive communication, tactics for dealing with callers who find fault with what’s offered, and ways to ask for recommendations and reviews.

Program Objectives

At this program’s conclusion, participants should be able to:

  • Explain the importance of a problem-solving mindset over a selling mindset.
  • Use personas to prepare for different types of customers.
  • Follow best practices for communicating on the telephone.
  • Ask for permission to ask questions in order to build trust.
  • Use questions to better understand a prospect’s thinking.
  • Follow up after a call.
  • Leverage Outlook’s template function.
  • Adapt to different communication style preferences.
  • Apply language models to influence prospects and clients.
  • Educate clients without talking down to them.
  • Use a range of strategies to address callers who find fault with a proposed solution.
  • Avoid toxic language.
  • Say “no” the right way.
  • Request client recommendations.

Program Modules

  • It’s a Match: Qualifying Incoming Leads
  • Style Matters: Knowing Your Audience
  • Let’s Go: Moving People Forward
  • Show and Tell: Educating Clients
  • Maintenance Methodologies: Client Retention Strategies
  • Recommendation Requests: Asking for Referrals

At the end of this training program, participants should be equipped with a fresh perspective on sales, enhanced communication skills, and effective strategies for fostering lasting customer relationships.