Course Outcomes

This grammar refresher course:

  • Suggest quick wins in grammar usage.
  • Clarify the correct use of irregular verbs.
  • Outline strategies for choosing correct pronouns.
  • Highlight tools that can help identify errors.

Course Overview

“Grappling with Grammar Gremlins” is an intensive two-hour course intended as an English usage refresher for native speakers. This program tackles mistakes that can hinder effective communication.

Participants will learn to identify and implement quick grammar wins, reduce the use of unnecessary filler words, and correctly use irregular verbs. Additionally, we will tackle pronoun agreement, weak words, and some less obvious errors.

Program Objectives

At this program’s conclusion, participants should be able to:

  • Take advantage of quick wins.
  • Reduce the use of filler words and phrases.
  • Correctly conjugate irregular verbs.
  • Distinguish differences when words sound alike.
  • Avoid non-standard usage.
  • Correctly use pronouns.
  • Replace or eliminate weak words.
  • Avoid less obvious errors.

Program Modules

  • Immediate Improvement: Gaining Quick Wins
  • Bye Fluff: Eliminating Filler Words
  • Viva Variety: Working with Irregular Verbs
  • Similar Sounds: Choosing the Right Word
  • Standard English: Sticking with the Rules
  • Me, Myself and I: Picking Pronouns
  • Give It Strength: Revising Weak Words
  • A Little Bit More: Using a Few More Ideas

By the end of the course, participants should see an improvement in their command of English grammar and usage.