Course Outcomes

This employee feedback course for managers will:

  • Define feedback and explain its impact on workplace productivity and morale.
  • Review communication skills for giving productive feedback.
  • Provide opportunities for feedback practice.

Course Overview

Managers who don’t address underperformance and other employee problems usually find the problem gets worse. Team morale suffers, the manager’s credibility deteriorates, and others pick up the slack. This course provides participants with the fundamental information they need to hold an effective feedback session. The program suggests several models and allows for practice time and feedback from the facilitator.

Program Objectives

At this program’s conclusion, participants should be able to:

  • Explain their goals for giving feedback.
  • Plan a feedback conversation.
  • Frame a conversation.
  • Follow a range of feedback models.
  • Handle a range of reactions.

Program Modules

  • The Purpose of Feedback: Understanding the Goal
  • Benefits of Mastering the Skill: Why It’s Good for You
  • Self-Assessment: Why Are You or Aren’t You Giving It
  • Communication Essentials: Laying the Groundwork for Success
  • Popular Models: Effective Frameworks
  • Handling Reactions: Plan for the Best, and Prepare for the Worst
  • Practice Makes Perfect: Your Turn

By the conclusion of this feedback skills program, participants should be able to plan and hold coaching and corrective conversations.