Course Outcomes

This motivation course will:

  • Offer a self-assessment of participants’ current environment.
  • Highlight steps managers can take to set the stage for better engagement when times get tough.
  • Explain the value of development to motivation.
  • Suggest ideas for eliminating common demotivators.

Course Overview

Motivated employees accomplish more than those who watch the clock, feel no sense of a larger purpose, and struggle to complete their daily tasks. This is especially true when external or internal forces add another layer of challenge. Whether it’s layoffs, hiring freezes, changes in telecommuting, or something else, managers need to know how to set the stage for motivation during ordinary and extraordinary times. This course offers practical information and advice for getting motivation right.

Program Objectives

At this program’s conclusion, participants should be able to:

  • Define motivation.
  • Explain why a motivational environment is an important management tool.
  • Discuss the manager’s role in employee motivation.
  • Connect an employee’s work to the greater purpose of the organization.
  • Realistically assess their work environment and challenges.
  • Pinpoint specific actions they can take to improve employee engagement.

Program Modules

  • A Little Definition: What is Motivation
  • Stage Setting: Creating a Motivational Environment
  • Big-Picture Connections: Understanding Purpose
  • Walk the Talk: Modeling and Development
  • From Here to There: Driving Performance

By the end of this session, participants should have a solid understanding of what motivation is, why it’s important, and what actions they can take to get the most out of others.