Course Note

This instructor-led employee development course builds on Six Core Principles: What Every Manager Should Know and discusses coaching and employee development. It is typically the fourth segment of a six-session program called The Right Combination: Mix-and-Match Management Training Program.

Course Objectives

At this session’s conclusion, participants should be able to:

  • Define what coaching is and is not.
  • Discuss common myths associated with coaching.
  • Explain the role of coaching in continuous improvement.
  • Ask a range of questions to guide employees.
  • Use a variety of coaching frameworks.
  • Describe the empathy-coaching connection.
  • Demonstrate active and empathetic listening.
  • Connect feedback to organizational, departmental, or personal goals.

Program Modules

  • The Coaching Mindset and Payoff: The Continuous Improvement Culture
  • Coaching Models: Available Frameworks
  • Powerful Questions: A Bank of Asks
  • Performance Alignment: Corrective Coaching
  • The Core and Coaching: How They Tie Together

By the conclusion of this two-hour session, participants should be able to plan and conduct a coaching conversation. They should also be able to explain how coaching is connected to the core principles discussed in session one.