Course Highlights

This accountability course for managers will:

  • Explain the trust-accountability connection.
  • Offer a three-part formula for getting results.
  • Identify three manager failures that hinder accountability.
  • Introduce levels of delegation and the delegation matrix to ensure that the right tasks are assigned to the right people at the right time and at the right level.
  • Suggest troubleshooting strategies.

Course Overview

This course outlines the concrete techniques that anyone managing others must understand about holding people accountable. The program begins by explaining the cycle of trust and how trust and accountability intersect. Module two introduces a three-part formula for driving accountability and the three distinct times managers should focus on ensuring expectation clarity. The third part of the course discusses role modeling, levels of delegation, and the delegation matrix to ensure the right tasks are assigned to the right people. The final part of the program zeroes in on troubleshooting accountability problems.

Note: This program complements “The Accountable Leader: Developing a Culture of Responsibility and Performance,” a course that approaches accountability strategically and looks at accountability through an organization.

It also pairs well with “Own It!: Building a Culture of Accountability from the Ground Up,” a program suitable for leaders and individual contributors.

Program Objectives

At the conclusion of this program, participants should be able to:

  • Discuss trust and its role in the manager-employee relationship.
  • Communicate expectations clearly.
  • Use sincere praise to recognize performance that meets or exceeds expectations.
  • Set employees up for success when they onboard or learn new tasks.
  • Delegate the right work to the right people at the right level.
  • Discuss the reasons people don’t meet performance goals.
  • Review questions managers should ask before providing corrective feedback.

Program Modules

  • A Two-Way Street: The Cycle of Trust and Accountability
  • A Three-Part Formula: Expectations + Clear Accountability = Results
  • The Right Tasks at the Right Level to the Right Person: Delegation Fundamentals
  • When Improvement Is Needed: Practical Actions

By the end of this program, participants should have the skills they need to delegate and hold others accountable.