Course Outcomes

This web-based email etiquette course will:

  • Offer email etiquette guidelines.
  • Highlight common pitfalls senders of email often make.
  • Explain the basic legal obligations organizations and employees have related to email.

Course Overview

Email is an essential communication tool in today’s workplace and like any other instrument, it must be used correctly to get the most from it.  This virtual classroom training course covers the basics of email etiquette that anyone sending messages should understand.

Program Objectives

At this program’s conclusion, participants should be able to:

  • Write a professional email.
  • Manage the time they spend writing and reading email.
  • Explain how the law governs email.
  • Avoid common errors.

Program Modules

  • The Basics: Understanding the Fundamentals
  • Credibility: What Builds It and What Tears It Down
  • The Reader: Knowing Your Audience
  • Writing Clearly: A Single Rapid Read
  • Looking Good: Making Text Palatable
  • The Law: Legal Considerations 

By the conclusion of this interactive web-based training course, participants should have a good understanding of email etiquette and how to send professional correspondence online.