Course Outcomes

This web-based virtual workshop design course will:

  • Share best practices for designing strong instructor-led web-based training programs.
  • Offer guidelines for creating interactive activities.
  • Provide examples of good and bad design.

Course Overview

Whether you call them webinars or virtual classroom courses, designing strong web-based training requires work. This program reviews best practices for creating engaging digital content. The course addresses adult learning principles, obstacles specific to instructor-led distance learning and strategies for overcoming them, guidelines for choosing the right level of content, skills for building trust and encouraging participants to take risks, techniques for organizing information and choosing strong graphics, and best practices for leveraging Adobe Connect.

Program Objectives

At this program’s conclusion, participants should be able to:

  • Explain basic principles of adult learning.
  • Describe the challenges designers face when creating web-based training.
  • Use a range of interactions to avoid participants “going on vacation.”
  • Avoid embarrassing participants.
  • Choose the right depth and breadth of content.
  • Select an appropriate format.
  • Choose strong graphics.
  • Use visual metaphors.
  • Leverage Adobe Connect.
  • Craft easy-to-follow stage notes.

Program Modules

  • Understanding the Participants: Who They Are and How They Learn
  • Choosing Content and Arranging It: Making Strategic Choices
  • Building Activities and Designing Slides: Looks Matter
  • Understanding Adobe Connect: What One Popular Platform Can Do
  • Delivering to Encourage Engagement: It’s a Dialogue

By the conclusion of this instructor-led program, participants should understand the fundamentals of designing strong web-based training courses.