Course Outcomes

This virtual training design course will:

  • Offer strategies for sourcing and modifying off-the-shelf content.
  • Suggest ideas for converting lists, procedures, and policies into interactive training.
  • Introduce ways of incorporating analogies, stories, and examples into off-the-shelf material.
  • Provide a framework for creating case studies.

Course Overview

In a perfect world, there is unlimited money for a staff of instructional designers, classroom trainers, and organizational consultants. In reality, rarely does perfect exist. Time, talent, and budgets are often stretched, and the training department or training manager is tasked with pulling a rabbit out of a hat by creating a great course on time, on point, and on budget.  Tasked with such a tall order, many people turn to off-the-shelf content. And when they do, they often find it doesn’t quite meet the mark, but they’re not sure how to fix it. This workshop shares tips, tools, and tricks for solving that challenge. During this session, participants will learn how to source content, how to organize it, and how to make it come to pop.

Program Objectives

At this program’s conclusion, participants should be able to:

  • Determine what content they should source versus develop.
  • Source off-the-shelf content.
  • Create content based on participant feedback.
  • Leverage assessments, quizzes, and tests.
  • Avoid copyright violations.
  • Connect generic concepts to their organization.
  • Convert lists, procedures, and charts to interactive activities.
  • Tailor off-the-shelf material with homegrown examples, stories, and analogies.

Program Modules

  • Build It, Buy It, Find It: When and When Not to Source Content
  • Looking for a Needle in a Haystack: Where to Find Material
  • Legal Concerns: Staying Within the Law
  • From Flat to Fab: Breathing Life into Paragraphs, Lists, and Charts
  • Customizing Stories, Examples, and Analogies: Making Content Relevant

By this course’s conclusion, participants should feel confident in their ability to source and tailor off-the-shelf content.