Course Outcomes

This virtual training workshop for trainers and presenters will:

  • Explain the challenges presenters and trainers face that are specific to a virtual environment.
  • Offer ideas for confronting those challenges.
  • Share best practices for transforming in-person material to the virtual environment.
  • Provide a range of frameworks, tips, techniques, and tools.

Course Overview

Many skilled classroom trainers and presenters struggle with participant and audience engagement when they move to an online format. Often, they wonder if the people on the other side of cyberspace engaged and paying attention, or checking email, working on other projects, or otherwise somewhat checked out? At the end of the day, those new to the online format are never sure if their message had its intended effect. So what’s the solution? Transform!: Converting In-Person Training Programs and Presentations to the Virtual World.

This hands-on virtual workshop focuses on the techniques, tips, and tricks online training facilitators and presenters can use to hook a group early and keep them involved throughout a training program or presentation. The workshop relies heavily on the program participants’ existing content. Together, we will work to make these materials engaging in a virtual environment.

Program Objectives

At this program’s conclusion, participants should be able to:

  • Confront the competition for attention in the virtual world.
  • Articulate their training or presentation’s benefit in a single sentence.
  • Succinctly state their message(s).
  • Create framing and reframing statements to focus their message.
  • Decide their desired engagement level.
  • Adjust their design to communicate expectations and establish a dialogue.
  • Turn “tell” information into “ask” discussions.
  • Leverage pattern interrupts.
  • Choose appropriate interactions: discussions, chats, polls, drawings, and votes.

Program Modules

  • Know Your Competition: Understanding What You’re Up Against in the Virtual World
  • The Value of Headline Thinking: Defining Messages and Micro-messages
  • Engagement: Asking for What You Want
  • Big and Little Interactions: Using the Tools Available to You
  • Turning Tells into Asks: Reworking Your Content

By this program’s conclusion, participants should have a range of methods they can rely on to transform their in-person content to a virtual platform.