Course Outcomes

This web-based communication skills course for embedded contractors and consultants will:

  • Define ten rules that will improve the client-contractor or client-consultant relationship.
  • Help participants establish communication targets.
  • Outline what most clients expect from contractors and consultants.
  • Suggest best practices for building effective working relationships.
  • Review a variety of language models to manage client expectations and interactions.

Course Overview

Embedded contractors and consultants work on client sites day after day, and as time goes by, many find that lines between themselves and their clients blur. While the fuzziness can facilitate comradery and trust, some people experience an environment where interactions are too familiar or relationships ineffective. This program begins with an exploration of ten fundamental rules that, if followed, will help contractors and consultants achieve positive outcomes. Next, the course looks at communication targets and best practices for managing daily interactions. Finally, the workshop closes with a troubleshooting exercise.

Program Objectives

At this program’s conclusion, participants should be able to:

  • Identify and respond to common challenges embedded consultants and contractors face.
  • Explain ten fundamental rules they can follow to achieve positive engagement outcomes.
  • Discuss the deliberate communication ecosystem.
  • Identify the look, sound, and feel of communication targets.
  • Outline what clients expect.
  • Describe specific actions that can contribute to meeting client expectations.
  • Leverage micro-affirmations to build an inclusive team.
  • Frame their intentions.
  • Confirm agreement.
  • Recommend change.
  • Acknowledge and move on from past actions, cultural deficiencies, and problems.
  • Address scope creep.
  • Troubleshoot common problems.

Program Modules

  • Follow and Succeed: Ten Essential Rules
  • Deliberate Communication: Choosing Targets
  • Great Expectations: What’s Important to Most Clients
  • Communication Essentials: Principles That Work Anywhere
  • Interaction Strategies: From Intake to Feedback
  • Troubleshooting Know-How: Solving Problems

By the conclusion of the end of this web-based training course, participants should have an understanding of the steps they can take to succeed as embedded consultants or contractors at a client site.