Course Highlights

This course for merging teams will:

  • Outline the challenges that can arise when cultures come together.
  • Introduce key areas for creating mutual understanding in combined teams.
  • Emphasize the significance of analyzing diverse work styles.
  • Introduce various collaboration types and their roles in forming a unified culture after a merger.
  • Explore conflict reactions and strategies for managing them.

Course Overview

This two-hour virtual training program explores the essential information people need to know when combining teams or merging with another organization. The course begins by discussing the challenges that can arise when teams or organizations come together. Following that conversation, we will identify the crucial areas where the combined team must forge a shared understanding to function effectively.

Next, we will examine the benefits of evaluating different workstyles to foster an atmosphere of inclusivity and adaptation. We will also explore various forms of collaboration, focusing on their key roles in creating a unified culture after a merger.

In the final portion of the program, we will touch upon the typical reactions people have to conflict and the HEART model for using compassionate candor as a tool for tackling tensions.

Program Objectives

At this program’s conclusion, participants should be able to:

  • Explain the challenges that can arise when cultures come together.
  • Discuss areas where combined teams should develop a shared understanding.
  • Describe the value of assessing various workstyles.
  • Outline various types of collaboration and their role in developing a shared culture after organizations combine.
  • Identify reactions to conflict.
  • Follow the HEART model for compassionate candor.

Program Modules

  • The Same Page: Agreeing on What’s Important
  • Learning People: Discovering How People Work Best
  • Together or Apart: Knowing When to Collaborate
  • Bumps in the Road: Understanding Reactions to Conflict
  • Compassionate Candor: Getting to the Heart of a Matter

Upon completing this workshop, participants should have some practical ideas for combining cultures.