Course Outcomes

This course for online presenters, trainers, and producers who use Adobe Connect will:

  • Share best practices for producing Adobe Connect meetings and training sessions.
  • Suggest ideas for creating an online environment that mirrors an interactive classroom experience.
  • Outline the platform’s scheduling, recording, and reporting features.

Course Overview

Adobe Connect is one of the most robust virtual training and meeting platforms on the market. If you know how to use the program’s versatile features correctly, you can create an online experience that closely mirrors an interactive in-person event. This course covers both the fundamentals and the nitty-gritty of Adobe Connect. It is a hands-on experience and ideally suited for presenters and produces alike.

Segment One Objectives

At this segment’s conclusion, participants should be able to:

  • Recognize language and terms specific to Adobe Connect.
  • Create a meeting.
  • Send invitations.
  • Decide permissions and roles.
  • Navigate the platform’s interfaces and smartphone app.
  • Decide whether sharing a screen or uploading content is most appropriate.
  • Identify common problems with uploaded slides and solutions to overcome them.
  • Use prepare mode.
  • Navigate the layouts bar.
  • Name and organize layouts efficiently.
  • Determine whether to use a repeatable layout or one that is customized.
  • Build a variety of layouts to support interactions.

Segment One Modules

  • Adobe Lingo: Understanding the Terms Unique to the Platform
  • You’re Invited: Setting Up Meetings and Events
  • About Face: Exploring Interface Options
  • The Interaction Plan: Thinking Like a Producer
  • Moving Right Along: Designing and Managing the Layouts

Segment Two Objectives

At this segment’s conclusion, participants should be able to:

  • Manipulate chats, polls, shares, and other pods to mirror the in-person classroom and increase engagement.
  • Create breakout rooms.
  • Design collaborative breakout activities.
  • Automatically and manually distribute breakout room participants.
  • Move among breakout rooms.
  • Expand Adobe Connect’s functionality with custom pods and external applications.
  • Create easy-to-navigate producer notes.

Segment Two Modules

  • Pick a Pod: Using Chats, Polls, Shares, Notes, and Links
  • Breakout: Designing Easy-to-Use Breakout Room Layouts
  • Bells, Buzzers, and Games: Enhancing Interaction and Function
  • Beyond the Script: Creating Producer Notes

Segment Three Objectives

At this segment’s conclusion, participants should be able to:

  • Build a meeting with custom layouts and breakout rooms.
  • Confirm what meeting participants see.
  • Troubleshoot issues associated with audio, video quality, internet connections, and VPNs.
  • Record meetings and edit those sessions.
  • Set permissions and share recordings.
  • Navigate Adobe’s reporting features.

Segment Three Modules

  • What’s Your Story?: Building Meetings from Scratch
  • Do You See What I See?: Leveraging Multiple Logins
  • When There’s a Problem: Troubleshooting Issues
  • One More Time: Recording Know-How
  • Data Dump: Navigating Reports

By this program’s conclusion, participants should be able to design and produce a meeting or training session using Adobe Connect.