The Benefits of Storytelling Training

Seasoned storytellers know how to use stories to make dry ideas and data come to life. They also understand how to build culture and connect a team with tales. No matter a person’s position at work, storytelling is a competency worth developing.

Our virtual storytelling courses and workshops focus on distinct aspects of storytelling: using stories to inspire, developing narratives to build and strengthen culture, and telling compelling stories with data.

About the Online Instructor-Led Course Format

Virtual training offers flexibility. Your team can be together, and we’re at a distance, we can all work remotely, or some people can meet in person while the rest of us join online. No matter your situation, we can work with you to decide on a configuration and deliver something that makes sense.

Other Storytelling Program Formats

In addition to distance learning options, we offer self-paced training and onsite storytelling workshops. If you see something in this directory you would prefer to have us deliver onsite, we can accommodate.

Workshop Length

We’ve planned our virtual training courses in segments that last about two hours. Our courses lasting longer than a two-hour block consist of several segments. We can deliver multi-segment programs on the same or different days depending on your need. The links below will take you to the individual course descriptions. Questions? Just drop us a line or give us a call.