The Benefits of Productivity Training

Learn how to better manage your time, your meetings, and your life with one of our online instructor-led productivity workshops. These offerings focus on such skills as time management, goal setting, habit building, and meeting management. Regardless of the topic, the courses are practical and designed to flatten the learning curve.  

About the Online Instructor-Led Course Format

Virtual training allows us to work with your group in several ways. We can all join remotely, we can join your intact team from our location, or we can run a hybrid workshop with some people at a distance and others in a shared space. We will learn about your circumstances and choose a configuration that will deliver an interactive experience for all those in attendance.

Other Program Formats

In addition to instructor-led online training, we offer self-paced training courses and onsite training options. As you browse through our catalog, you will notice our onsite and virtual courses directories contain similar offerings. If you find something in one format you would prefer in another, let us know. We can usually convert our instructor-led programs.

Workshop Length

We’ve designed our virtual training courses in segments that last about two hours. Our longer courses consist of several two-hour segments. We can facilitate these multi-segment programs on the same or different days depending on your need. The links below will take you to the individual course overviews. Questions? Drop us a line or give us a call.