The Benefits of Facilitation Skills Training

A strong facilitator can save time, bring voices forward, and help a group clarify problems, opportunities, and solutions. Our instructor-led facilitation skills courses focus on a range of essential skills: establishing trust, listening, questioning, summarizing, documenting, and more.

About the Online Instructor-Led Course Format

Our virtual training programs allow flexibility. We can all take part in the session remotely, we can join your intact group from a distance, or some of us can work online while others are in person. No matter what your circumstances are, we will work with you to get the mechanics right and set the stage for an interactive learning experience.

Other Formats

In addition to distance learning options, we offer self-paced training and onsite facilitation skills workshops. If you see something in this directory you would prefer to have us deliver onsite, we can accommodate.

Workshop Length

Following best practices in adult learning, we’ve designed our virtual workshops in two-hour segments. Our longer courses consist of two or more segments, and we can deliver those longer programs on different days or the same day with breaks between segments. The links below will take you to the individual course descriptions.

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