Train-the-Trainer Virtual Courses Directory

Virtual classroom courses are instructor-led training scheduled at a time convenient to us and you. These programs are designed for groups and offered in segments last between 90 minutes and two hours. While most courses comprise one segment, some are offered as a series. For those multi-segment programs, clients can choose which components they wish to purchase.

For virtual classroom programs to work as intended, each participant should have access to a computer with a keyboard and speakers. For groups located in the same physical room, we can add discussion activities that do not use technology. However, participants will still need access to their own keyboards (smartphones will suffice) for the programs to be most effective.

Our web-based training library grows every month. If there is a train-the-trainer topic of interest that you don’t see, please contact us to discuss your need. We look forward to hearing from you.

Format Key

  • V – Virtual Classroom Training Course
  • VM – Multi-Session Virtual Classroom Training Course


Serious Play: Using Toys, Games, and Activities in Participant-Focused Training

Effective training courses are typically interactive training courses that engage participants’ heads and hands. This web-based program reviews a range of tools, tips, and tricks instructional designers can use to make their workshops active. The session addresses such topics as when to use activities and games, the importance of movement, why manipulates are often more effective than lists, creative ways to use words, and techniques for incorporating traditional or repurposed games into a curriculum.

The Virtual Virtuoso: Designing and Leading Dynamic Web-Based Training

Designing training for web-based delivery has challenges specific to the virtual classroom. This course addresses best practices for creating interactive web-based training. The program covers basic principles of adult learning, techniques for reducing multitasking, tactics for engaging learners and encouraging participation, tips for selecting the right content, ideas for creating engaging activities, and resources for finding strong graphics.

Brain Science Basics: Tactics for Transforming Training to Leverage How People Learn

Learning is not a passive activity, but unfortunately, a great deal of material exists that assumes the opposite. This course explores the idea of active learning and how the brain best absorbs and retains information. During the program, participants will learn the basics of brain science in adult learning, accelerated learning principles, and specific actions they can take to organize information for better retention.

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