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  • V – Virtual Classroom Training Course
  • VM – Multi-Session Virtual Classroom Training Course


Chat Selling Skills: Fundamentals for Typing Your Way to Better Sales

When selling with chat online, you have mere seconds to make a good impression and engage customers. This web-based training course covers the fundamentals of relationship selling and how to use chat to build rapport with customers, discover what they need, and drive them to the next stage in the sales cycle.  This interactive course is designed for groups.  It includes suggestions for starting conversations, questions for uncovering what is important to customers, people styles, probing and summarizing skills, and techniques for driving people to take action.

Getting Your Ducks in a Row: Consultative Service and Selling Skills

This consultative service and sales course is designed for people who wish to improve their service and sales skills. The program consists of six instructor-led sessions. Topics include understanding trust and how to leverage it for stronger sales and better service, using questions to uncover needs, listening to what’s said and what isn’t said, overcoming objections, providing service recovery and handling difficult situations, and managing time for efficient and effective service and sales. Between each segment, participants receive a homework assignment to complete before the following session.

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