Diversity and Inclusion Virtual Courses Directory

We offer a handful of diversity training courses in a virtual classroom format. These programs leverage Adobe Connect and follow best practices in adult learning. Each course is instructor led and taught in a 90-minute to two-hour time block.

Unlike lecture-based webinars, you can expect to click, chat, and participate in activities throughout our programs.

While most courses consist of one segment, those longer in duration are multi-session offerings. Clients can purchase segments individually or as a group. As with all of our instructor-led courses, the programs listed on this page are intended for groups. They are not public offerings.

To explore the titles in our existing library, read the short descriptions found below, or click on the course titles to see the full program outlines.

Format Key

  • V – Virtual Classroom Training Course
  • VM – Multi-Session Virtual Classroom Training Course


Diversity Basics: A Conversation Starter for Leveraging Differences

This course is designed to start a dialogue about diversity in the workplace. The program highlights the value of workplace diversity, tactics for encouraging inclusion and avoiding common traps, anti-discrimination laws, stereotypes – what they are and how to recognize them, assumptions, techniques for addressing uncomfortable situations, and proactive steps people can take to continue learning more about each other.

Finding Common Ground: Tools for Working Across Generations

He’s 20, she’s 60, and they don’t understand each other. She’s 35 but identifies with people ten years older. He’s 22 and doesn’t see how anyone would want to become a slave to the office. Sound familiar? Maybe. Employees from the same generation share some common experiences unique to their group. They often communicate in shorthand without even realizing it. Enter people born in another era, and that’s when things get more complicated. This web-based course explores what’s known about generational differences, tactics for improving communication between members of different generations, and process adaptations organizations may wish to consider in order to attract and retain talent. The program also addressed the dangers of stereotyping and making assumptions solely based on a person’s age.

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