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Our virtual classroom courses are good options for dispersed teams seeking an instructor-led training solution. They are also suitable for groups on a limited budget or those teams located far away from us.

Unlike lecture-based webinars, our virtual classroom courses are interactive. You can expect to click, chat, and answer problems during your time with us.

As with our onsite solutions, we follow best practices in adult learning. For that reason, our web courses are designed in segments lasting between 90 minutes and two hours. 

While there is currently only one title in this section of our library, we’re adding virtual courses monthly. If there is something in particular in which you are interested, please contact us.

Format Key

  • V – Virtual Classroom Training Course
  • VM – Multi-Session Virtual Classroom Training Course
Creativity, Problem Solving, and Better Thinking Virtual Classroom Courses
Imagine If...: Idea Making Made EasierV


Imagine If...: Idea Making Made Easier

Without new ideas, an organization may not survive. This web-based creativity course is designed for groups who wish to improve the creativity and ability to generate ideas. The program addresses the value of creativity, places to find ideas, obstacles that hinder creativity and solutions for overcoming them, techniques for finding root causes and clarifying problems, and multiple techniques for thinking up new ways of getting things done. Upon request, we can incorporate your group’s current problems into the program and use them as we practice ideation methods.

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