Communication Skills Virtual Courses Directory

When your team can’t get together for onsite communication skills training or the cost is out of reach, instructor-led web-based training programs can be a viable alternative.

Our virtual classroom courses address a range of communication skills topics. As with our onsite options, these programs are designed for groups and scheduled at a time convenient to your team and the course facilitator.

While most programs consist of one 90-minute to two-hour session, longer workshops comprise several segments and are sold as such.

Our library of communication skills courses grows each month. For more information about each program, read the abbreviated descriptions found on this page or click on the course links to read the full course overviews.

Format Key

  • V – Virtual Classroom Training Course
  • VM – Multi-Session Virtual Classroom Training Course


Considerate Communication: Leveraging Diplomacy and Tact for Better Interactions

People who understand diplomatic communication know how to use a range of tactics to build rapport. This course touches on a myriad of topics: how perceptions are formed, verbal and nonverbal communication, listening skills, open versus closed questions, best practices for participating in meetings, and basic email etiquette.

Over Here, Over There: Effective Communication Skills for Virtual Teams

Help your virtual team members learn best practices for communicating effectively with each other during this virtual classroom course. Topics include rapport-building techniques, team charters and their importance, solutions to common communication problems, communication channel pluses and minuses, and basic conflict resolution.

Do You Hear What I Hear?: Listening for Better Understanding

Listening to first understand and not to reply or evaluate requires discipline and skill. This course addresses fundamental practices for leveraging listening as a tool for building rapport and improving communication. The program addresses bad habits, factors that influence perception, proven techniques, and tactics for interacting with challenging speakers.

Navigating Tough Topics: Difficult Conversations Made Easier

Few people look forward to difficult conversations. In fact, some dread them to the point that they avoid addressing situations they know should confront. This course aims to provide participants with practical tools to make navigating tough topics easier. The program looks at how people approach confrontation, the outcomes they pursue, and the words and actions they choose in an effort to change behavior.

Soft Skills Essentials: Communication Tactics for Technical Professionals

This three-segment communication skills program is designed for technical professionals who wish to enhance their soft skills. The program covers communication fundamentals, communication styles, listening skills, rapport building, best practices for leveraging different communication channels, and practical advice and suggestions for presenting information to technical and non-technical audiences.

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