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While business writing is a subject best taught face to face, we offer a small number of web-based writing courses. These virtual classroom programs are designed for private groups and taught at a time convenient to you and us. 

Unlike lecture-based webinars, our writing courses are interactive. You can expect to chat, click, and discuss. Following best practices in adult learning, our distance learning workshops are taught segments lasting between 90 minutes to two hours. Programs requiring more time are sold as multi-segment courses.

To read the session overviews for our existing web-based writing programs, read the descriptions below or click on the course titles to see the full program objectives and modules.

Format Key

  • V – Virtual Classroom Training Course
  • VM – Multi-Session Virtual Classroom Training Course


Email Etiquette: Correct Correspondence Online

Improve your team’s understanding of email etiquette during this instructor-led virtual classroom course. This web-based program covers the fundamentals of good business writing and the rules associated with creating professionally email messages.  The program addresses using basic courtesies, choosing a meaningful subject line, putting the core of the message up front, avoiding common mistakes, and complying with laws surrounding the use of email in the workplace.  

Making Minutes Meaningful: How to Take Great Notes Without Going Nuts

In both formal and informal meetings, someone is usually responsible for documenting conversations and creating formal minutes or follow-up notes. Few people look forward to wearing the minute-taker’s hat. Determining what to write and how to write it can be hard work! This course aims to make the process easier. The program covers a range of best practices and offers concrete suggestions for capturing what matters in meetings.

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