Business Etiquette Virtual Courses Directory

Our business etiquette virtual classroom courses are designed as shorter alternatives to our onsite instructor-led workplace professionalism programs.

The training courses listed below are interactive web-based programs. Unlike lecture-based webinars, during these courses, you can expect to chat, click, answer questions, and share your opinion.

As with our onsite workshops, these sessions are designed for groups and offered at a time convenient to us and you. They are priced by segment, and each segment lasts between 90 minutes and two hours.

To read the course overviews for our existing etiquette and workplace professionalism programs offered in a distance-learning format, read the short descriptions found on this page, or click on the program links to see the full outlines.

Format Key

  • V – Virtual Classroom Training Course
  • VM – Multi-Session Virtual Classroom Training Course


The Workplace Advantage: Leveraging Professionalism to Get Ahead

If everyone isn’t operating from the same rulebook when it comes to workplace behavior, conflict is bound to arise. This virtual classroom course covers the fundamentals of workplace etiquette and professionalism. The program addresses the basic rules to which most professionals adhere, image management, communication skills, and productivity essentials. We can tailor the course as needed to address any issues of particular concern to your group.

Email Etiquette: Correct Correspondence Online

Improve your team’s understanding of email etiquette during this instructor-led virtual classroom course. This web-based program covers the fundamentals of good business writing and the rules associated with creating professionally email messages.  The program addresses using basic courtesies, choosing a meaningful subject line, putting the core of the message up front, avoiding common mistakes, and complying with laws surrounding the use of email in the workplace.  

Networking Know-How: Off-Line and Online Business Relationships Made Easier

Grow your team’s ability to build, nurture, and leverage their online and offline relationships with this business networking course. The program consists of seven modules covering a range of timely topics: the value of networking, the components of a networking plan, tools for finding prospects and potential connections, networking etiquette, event strategies, tactics for researching, and action planning.

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