Training Activity Design Virtual Classroom Training

Serious Play: Using Toys, Games, and Activities in Participant-Focused Training

Available Formats

  • Virtual Classroom Course

Course Outcomes

This web-based training activity design course will:

  • Discuss learner risk and how to reduce feelings of discomfort and uncertainty during training exercises.
  • Explain how to get the most from a laminator and why laminated materials have a higher perceived value than paper.
  • Give examples of creative uses of games and toys in training.
  • Offer ideas for adding movement to training and explain why full-body engagement increases retention.

Course Overview

Dollar stores, discount stores, and other outlets that sell inexpensive products are a smorgasbord of opportunity for instructional designers, trainers, and facilitators who want to add variety and memorable activities to their programs. Items destined for the recycling bin also suggest a range of possibilities to those who have learned how to find treasures in the trash pile. During this program, we will look at a multitude of methods for getting people’s hands and heads engaged in learning. 

Program Objectives

At this program’s conclusion, participants should be able to:

  • Explain how to reduce their learners’ risk and when to use activities and training.
  • Describe why movement matters and how to incorporate physical activities during training exercises.
  • Use a range of laminated materials.
  • Incorporate traditional toys and games into learning.
  • Repurpose game pieces and parts.
  • Integrate stories and songs into training exercises.

Program Modules

  • Playing with Purpose: When and How to Introduce Toys and Games
  • Step by Step: Why Movement Matters in the Classroom and How to Incorporate It
  • Laminated Learning: How to Use Sorting Words, Face Cards, and Other Plastic-Encased Tools
  • Stories, Songs, and Quotations: Why and How to Connect Familiar Information with Classroom Concepts
  • Let Go My LEGO®: How to Incorporate and Repurpose Traditional Toys

By the end of this web-based training course, participants should have new ideas and some of the tools they need to design and deliver programming that puts adult learners where they should be – in the driver’s seat.

Virtual Classroom Training Course Reminders

Our virtual classroom training courses are available to private groups.  They are not offered in a public webinar format.  Please contact us to speak with a facilitator about your needs and whether web-based training is appropriate for your group.

  • For virtual classroom courses, we use Adobe Connect as the primary course delivery system.
  • We record each session and will provide you with access for up to 30 days following a session.
  • Programs work best if each participant has access to a keyboard, microphone, and webcam.
  • Following best practices in adult learning, virtual classroom sessions run between 90 minutes and two hours.
  • Virtual classroom courses are prices by segment.  For additional information about pricing, please download our training rate sheet.
  • Please run an Adobe Connect Diagnostic Test to ensure your computer and network connections are configured to give you the best possible virtual classroom experience.

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