Business Etiquette, Civility, and Professionalism Resources

Since day one, we’ve conducted business etiquette and workplace civility workshops. Over the last two decades, we’ve produced a lot of material focused on manners, image management, and professionalism. In this section, we’ve included a handful of articles and resources. We update this list from time to time and encourage you to bookmark this page for future reference.

You are welcome to link these resources from your website.  You may also print and distribute them freely. However, please do not download and post copies of our training resources on your website or on a document sharing site without written permission from us.


Are You a Cell Phone Sinner?: Mobile Mistakes Could Wreck Your Career

In spite of their convenience and necessity, cell phones are now another means whereby we can irritate our fellow man. Theaters, restaurants, trains-even public restrooms – are no longer safe from the possibility of an untimely call. Two weeks ago… Read More

Voicemail 101: Simple Steps That May Save You Hours

First and foremost, read the book that came with your voicemail system. Over the course of a year, you may waste a few hours repeating whole messages if you don’t know the simple commands for forwarding and rewinding calls. What?… Read More

Are You Creating a Culture of Unwanted Employees?: Twelve Low-Cost Suggestions for Welcoming New Hires

I remember my first day at Company X almost as if it were yesterday.  (Yes, I am referencing the organization anonymously to protect the guilty.)  I had on a new outfit, had left my apartment early, and was excited to… Read More

American Top 40 Business Etiquette Tips: Workplace “Hits” You Need to Consider 

Snow White’s little buddies headed out for their jobs each day remembering to whistle while they worked. Great for the Seven Dwarves. Maybe not so great for those around them. Beyond the world of animated kiddie flicks lies the harsh… Read More

That's the Ticket: Up in the Air about Flying When Courtesy Takes a Nose Dive

There was a time when being an airline passenger was almost as deluxe an experience as taking the QE II or traveling on the Orient Express. Ladies wore hats and gloves, men were dressed in suits and ties, and “stewardesses”… Read More

Family Holiday Etiquette: Top Moves for Dealing with Difficult Relatives

Uncle Hank drinks too much. Your sister Jessica won't stop talking about her love life in detail. And although Grandma Gertrude gives compliments, they are all veiled criticisms of one kind or another: "Honey, this casserole is almost as good… Read More

Conquering the Cocktail Party: Six Steps for Effortless Mingling

Cocktail parties and other networking events can be great or gruesome. It's often easiest to see the same group of people event after event. The real challenge is breaking out of that pattern and venturing off to meet new people.… Read More

Workplace Appearance: What Were They Thinking?

There it was! The perfect outfit I'd been looking for to wear when I go on my cruise to the Bahamas. A metallic crop-top cami, a floaty sheer chiffon tiered skirt, strappy stiletto sandals, lots and lots of bangle bracelets,… Read More

Donkeys and Elephants: The Circus of Politics at the Office

While in many parts of the country temperatures are falling, as election time nears the political thermometer is heating up in offices across the nation. No matter what side of the fence you are on, there are simple steps you… Read More

Exasperating Email: How to Send and Not Offend

Okay, is there anyone reading this who doesn’t know by now that typing email messages in all capital letters borders on criminal behavior? You do take the time to use the grammar and spell checker on your toolbar, don’t you? Emoticons and… Read More

Best Foot Forward: Smart Choices for Making a First Impression

So many of the impressions we give other people come from visual cues. Even so, body language, gestures, and tone of voice connect with our clothing style and fit. Combining all of these elements puts you way ahead of the… Read More

Did You Hear?: Three Surefire Steps to Minimize Gossip at the Office

It starts out innocently enough with someone in the break room saying, "Isn't it a shame about Jack?" Clueless, you reply, "What about Jack?" "Don't you know about his wife?" When you answer in the negative, your colleague seizes the… Read More

Exasperating Email: How to Send and Not Offend

Okay, is there anyone reading this who doesn’t know by now that typing email messages in all capital letters borders on criminal behavior? You do take the time to use the grammar and spell checker on your toolbar, don’t you?… Read More

Confessions of a Reformed Facebook Abuser: How to Behave Online

Facebook, Twitter, and plenty of other social networking sites are taking over and have a great part in ruining the art of conversation. However, the biggest problem with these sites is the way we abuse them. In the past, I… Read More

Minding Your Manners on a Job Interview: Tips for Job Interview Success

By its very nature, a job interview can be stressful since so much is riding on this single opportunity. There are countless decisions an interviewee has to make, and who doesn't want to make a good first impression? What should… Read More

Thank-You Note Etiquette: How to Express Your Appreciation

Thank-you notes have appeared in many forms over the years, from wax-sealed scrolls to electronic digits floating through cyberspace.  Yet despite the advances in technology, one truth has stood the test of time. Thank-you notes are part of civilized behavior. … Read More

Ideas and Activities for Business Etiquette Training

The following are five free business etiquette training games that we have used with clients during our etiquette training courses for more than a decade. We frequently receive requests for training ideas from organizations wishing to develop their own etiquette… Read More

Got Manners?: Putting Your Best Foot Forward for Better Customer Service

“I sat there and watched the two of them completely engaged on Facebook.  Never mind the fact that I’m a customer, and they are supposed to be helping me. The sad thing is, I’m not sure that they even realized… Read More

Step Up Your Gratitude Game: Harness the Power of Thanks

If you’re grateful but don’t take the time to tell anyone, does it count?  Maybe, but it’s a bit like clapping with one hand.  You know you’re doing it, but does anyone else?  Probably not.  When shown appropriately, gratitude has… Read More

Does the Virtual You Byte?: Managing Your Digital Twin

We were ready to make him the offer, then I saw the domestic abuse arrests. With a quick Google search, our clients could easily find the same information. I don’t need to ponder the larger risks because this problem alone… Read More