Presentation Skills and Public Speaking Resources

Presentation skills and the ability to speak well in public are essential workplace competencies. For that reason, we offer a range of presentation skills workshops and classes. The resources on this page contain content based on some of those programs.

You are welcome to link these articles from your website.  You may also print and distribute them freely. However, please do not download and post copies of our training resources on your website or on a document sharing site without written permission from us.


Substance Counts: Top Ten Tips for Improving Presentation Skills

Speaking experts have written volumes about the craft of public presentations: don't read from your slides, keep your slides to six lines with no more than six words each, practice, practice, practice, etc. Indeed, those tips on style are important.… Read More

Conference Confidence: Tips for Speaking to Larger Groups

While great presenters make the craft appear effortless, the truth is a lot of work goes into a perfect pitch for the platform.  The following suggestions will help the experienced presenter and the novice speak with purpose and passion.  Know… Read More

Communicating Through the Lens: On-Camera Presentation Skills Tips

In an effort to save money or reach an international clientele, more and more businesses are conducting sales and business presentations through video conferencing by using Skype, Webinars, or Telepresence. What do you need to do to project a good image and… Read More

Become a Better Presenter, or Else!: An Overlooked Leadership Skill

I am attending one of my client's company meetings. There are 200 employees in the room. You can feel the buzz and excitement. Upbeat music is playing, and a slick PowerPoint presentation is spinning, doing action-packed transitions on a big… Read More

The Storyteller’s Advantage: What Can Happen When You Do It Right

I was conducting a leadership program for one of my clients in Maryland. The class was ready to start, but the CEO pulled me aside. He wanted to say a few words to kick off the training session. Much to… Read More

Notes to Mention: Tunes to Jazz Up Your Presentations

When used correctly, music can help PowerPoint designers connect their content with viewers. During our presentation skills training and PowerPoint design courses we often recommend places to look for music you can use without violating copyright laws. Below are some of our favorite free… Read More

Overcoming Bad Slide Syndrome (BSS): Ten Tips for Better PowerPoint Slides

If you haven't been living under a rock during the last 20 years, chances are you've been subjected to a dreadful PowerPoint presentation at some point during that time. In fact, if you spend your days in meeting rooms or… Read More

Presentation Planner: Thirty Minutes to Better Presentations

This presentation skills planning worksheet is designed to help you add structure and style to your presentation. It can be used as part of presentation skills training or on its own. Print it out.  Then complete the statements or answer the questions… Read More