Leadership and Management Training Resources

Without strong leadership, an organization will rarely reach its full potential. The resources on this page offer ideas, suggestions, and tips for growing as a leader. Many of the articles are based on topics we address in our leadership development and management training courses.

You are welcome to link these resources from your website.  You may also print and distribute them freely. However, please do not download and post copies of our training resources on your website or on a document sharing site without written permission from us.


Leading with Respect for Time Boundaries: Making the Most of 24 Hours

If you have the time to read this (I'll bet that you don't), I want to tell you about a very prevalent and destructive force that is now taking over corporate America. It's the one eroding the distinction between employees'… Read More

Bridging the Generation Gap with New Hires: Three Steps for Getting the Most from Millennials

Did you see what she wore to work today?  What was she thinking? This is a corporation, not a club!  How does he not know to bring a notebook and a pen to a meeting? Do I have to tell… Read More

The Leadership Manifesto: Time for a Better Way of Thinking

I travel all over the world as both a trainer and a speaker, and the focus of my work is leadership development. I work with companies of all sizes: small, medium, large, and corporate giants. In doing this, I have… Read More

The Strangely Invisible Target: Goal Setting and Leadership

As I write this, I'm on a plane flying from Austin, Texas, to Denver, Colorado. Do you think that the pilot would have taken off from the airport without any kind of flight plan? If you go on a cruise,… Read More

Can You Answer Yes?: Eight Questions for Leaders

Are you a great leader? Do you get results year after year? Do you lead a team that is inspired and reaches higher levels of productivity every year? Is your team communicative, creative, and committed? Do you have the department… Read More

The Gnashing of Teeth: Why Everyone Wishes You Would Stop Complaining

“Boy, it’s too cold.” “This economy is awful, and so is my business.” “My flight was delayed. I hate this airline.” “My taxes are outrageous.” “The boss is driving me crazy.” “I can’t believe how many hours I work per… Read More

Decide to Be an Excellent Leader: What Makes You Remarkable?

I am very, very tired. What am I tired of? Leadership mediocrity. I have met so many leaders of late who are just boring. Yep, that is right. Completely, utterly boring. Plain. Safe. Vanilla. Unremarkable. Dull. Yawn.   I ask… Read More

Mission Control, We Have a Problem…: Why Communication Is Failing, and What Leaders Can Do About It

“I sent my manager email messages, but she won’t answer them.” “We can’t send an email and not copy everyone; we have to cover our bases.” “We have meetings about our meetings!” “Well, communication is part of the name of our company,… Read More

The Power of Encouragement: Getting Results with Positive Actions

I decided to take a walk at my local park. It’s a great workout about a half mile loop around a paved path that has steep hills. I wasn’t running, but I was walking at a very brisk pace. A… Read More

The Difference Between Leadership and Management: When Do You Lead and When Do You Manage?

I travel around the country conducting leadership development programs for corporations. Sometimes, I’m working with people who are in development programs and want to be managers. Other times, I’m working with people who are already in a leadership role. As… Read More

What’s Love Got to Do with It?: A Lot

Esteemed organizational leaders, we are gathered here today to think about the power of love. Yes, my brethren, that's right: the undeniable, indisputable, amazing power of absolute love! We should treat others as we would be done unto; we should… Read More

Looks Matter to Lead: Does Your Environment Set the Stage for Good Work?

Visualize this. You are in a room where rats scurry across people’s feet. They are looking for warmth inside a building that is so cold people are wearing gloves. Four people are crowded into a room that could reasonably accommodate… Read More

Which Are You?: Beacon of Light or a Blowtorch

I want you to imagine that I come to your office when you are not there. When I am at your office, I decide to survey the team that reports to you. And the subject of the survey? Yes, we… Read More

The Courage to Lead: Having the Guts to Do What Needs to Be Done

I travel all over the nation teaching leadership development, but I learn a ton by being involved in fascinating conversations about the qualities of an exceptional leader. One of the topics we often discuss is leadership courage. To my surprise,… Read More

The Storyteller’s Advantage: What Can Happen When You Do It Right

I was conducting a leadership program for one of my clients in Maryland. The class was ready to start, but the CEO pulled me aside. He wanted to say a few words to kick off the training session. Much to… Read More